Monday, November 23, 2009

Bates unveils new Public Service Announcements

It's with great pleasure that the Communications & Marketing Department presents three new student testimonial Public Service Announcements that will air on KBTC beginning November 30. Each spot features Bates students telling their stories about what Bates means to them and how they are reinventing themselves here.

You can preview the PSAs now by clicking on this link: When the KBTC page opens in your browser, click on each of the three buttons to the left to view each spot.

KBTC's Manager of Creative Services Michael Peters did incredible work to bring our vision for these student testimonials to life. We are incredibly grateful for his talent and his efforts, and the support of KBTC's Executive Director and General Manager David Hinman and Director of Broadcast Operations Phil Kane in bringing this project to reality. I'd also like to thank Chelsea Lindquist, Communications Specialist, who did an expert job assisting me with the student interviews.

In these spots, we also introduce a new tagline and a new look that you'll begin to see more of as we reinvent many of Bates’ publications and other communications. In the months ahead, look for additional PSAs.


Edie Jeffers
Director of Communications & Marketing

Professional Development Opportunities

Unless otherwise noted, Pierce County offers the following classes, held at 901 Tacoma Ave. S. Call Carol Cook at 253.798.3659 to register. Class sizes are limited and registration is subject to availability. For more information, please visit the Pierce County website at:

Conflict Resolution Skills
Gain tools to handle conflict calmly and assertively. Learn how to get a handle on the feelings of anxiety and anger that can sabotage your ability to deal effectively with conflict and remain productive in the workplace. Participants will be able to 1) Recognize the elements of assertive behavior; 2) Manage emotions in trying situations; 3) Understand how their own style of communication may be getting in the way of conflict resolution.
Dec. 4, 8:30 a.m.-noon

Do you need these classes to complete your professional development plan? If yes, now is the time to register. Bates faculty can attend at no cost. Please contact Jannica Jones at x7161 or for more information or to register.

Occupational Analysis – Online
Nov. 21-Dec. 18
Instructor: C. Kim

Course schedule for 2009–2010 is available here:

Ergonomics Workstation Fitness – Develop an understanding of ergonomics and its benefits.
Email HR for questions. Start the class now.

Human Resources Library – For those of you who enjoy reading, Human Resources has a collection of resources that are available to all Bates employees. The HR Resource Library has many titles to choose from. Employees can check out material for up to two weeks. If you’re interested, visit Human Resources, M326 today! Click to see what’s available!

The Give em’ the Pickle video also available for review!

*Please note classes are subject to change.

What's Happening at Bates the week of Nov. 23

Tue, Nov. 24, 7:30 a.m., Leadership Team DT Clyde Hupp
Tue, Nov. 24, 8 a.m., New Student Orientation DT Auditorium

Wed, Nov. 25, 8 a.m., TIAA-CREF SC A101

Sat, Nov. 28, 8 a.m., Sustainable Housing DT Clyde Hupp

Library Corner

Recommended Websites
Discover some new tricks among the Library’s recommended websites. These are resources that the Librarians have reviewed, so you know they are reliable sources of information. Do you have any websites or online tools that you find particularly helpful? E-mail it to so we can consider adding it to our website.

Print/Copy cards available soon for purchase
Effective Monday, Nov. 30, the college will charge users for printing and copying in the Library and Technology Center. Students can purchase print cards from South (A115) and Downtown (M210) Campus cashiers beginning on Monday, Nov. 23.

Thanks to a donation from the Associated Student Government, the cards will be half price for a limited time. Currently, a 20 sheet card will cost $1, and a 50 sheet card will cost $2. In the future, users will pay 10 cents per sheet, or $2 for a 20 sheet card.

South Campus Library and Technology Center swap spaces
In an effort to provide students with better access to computing resources, the South Campus Library and Technology Center are swapping some spaces. Employees can use the meeting request function in Outlook to reserve all three rooms listed below. Contact the library for assistance reserving rooms via Outlook or call the South Campus Library, x7550.
  • E105 is now the Library classroom (was the Technology Center Walk-in Lab)
  • E106 remains the Technology Center classroom (no change)
  • E205 is now the Technology Center Walk-in Lab (was Library Classroom)
The Library Classroom, E105, and the Technology Center Walk-in Lab, E205, are available for short-term reservations (one or two days). The Technology Center classroom, E106, is available for long-term reservations. The library expects to complete the exchange by Dec. 1.

Clock-to-Credit Conversion

The Clock to Credit Conversion process, also affectionately referred to as the “C2C,” is on track and starting to pick up steam. The C2C committee has approved a set of Guiding Principles to lead us through the process. Guiding principles gives Bates a standard to weigh all decisions regarding the conversion process against, thus ensuring we keep true to the criteria we set for ourselves.

The following are our guiding principles for the conversion process. All decisions regarding the process will be weighed against the following principles:
  • Create a smooth transition time through this conversion process.
  • The conversion will preserve the ability to provide competency based instruction.
  • The conversion will result in a neutral financial impact to college.
  • Student progress in their educational plans will not be impeded.
  • The conversion will provide for a more effective and efficient financial aid process.
  • The conversion process will allow faculty to retain their instructional methods, within the parameters determined by State Board Community and Technical Colleges, Department of Education, Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, and any associated college policies.
  • The college will meet the requirement s of the State Board of Community and technical Colleges, Department of Education, and the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.
  • The college will have a more efficient process for students transferring to other colleges and universities.

Benefits updates

Dependent Verification Project Update
The Public Employee Benefits Board (PEBB) program recently mailed 81,000 letters to employees who had dependents enrolled under their account as of Sept. 1, 2009. The letter requested verification of dependent eligibility for PEBB benefits. If you received a letter, please respond by Nov. 30, 2009. If you didn’t receive a letter and think you should have because you had dependents on your account Sept. 1 or if you overlooked or lost it, you can expect another letter late in December reminding you of the need to provide verification. PEBB will contact you by mail before taking any action related to your dependents and their coverage.

You can find more information about the dependent verification process on PEBB's website at by selecting "Verify My Family Members."

Flexible Spending Accounts
Most of us will be experiencing higher out-of-pocket costs for our health care in 2010 through higher copays, coinsurance, and deductibles. That makes this a good year to contribute to your own Flexible Spending Account (FSA). Your peers who use the FSA contribute pre-tax dollars from their paychecks into an account held in their name for them to pay for family health-related expenses. You won’t pay taxes on these dollars, so they will go considerably further in paying copays, deductibles, prescriptions, crowns, glasses, naturopaths, and hundreds of other common medical expenses for yourself and your IRS-qualified dependents. And, you can tap the full amount you plan to set aside for 2010 at the beginning of the year so it’s a great way to pay an expense early in the year while spreading the payments over the whole year.

One caution – federal regulations require unspent funds from these accounts to be forfeited if you don’t use them up during the year. To help you avoid this, you will receive a letter late each year alerting you to any unspent money in your account and reminding you that you have until March 15 to use FSA funds from the previous year.

Go to to learn more.

Open enrollment information regarding the Certificates of Coverage (COC) for various medical plans is below. Aetna has made a significant change in its COC.

Open Enrollment News
1. What is a COC? Each health plan develops a COC which includes details of what that plan offers and provides. It is essentially their commitment and contract with you. While the plans are not required to provide their COCs until December, Aetna, UMP, UDP, and DeltaCare have completed their 2010 COCs and posted them on their respective websites.

2. Aetna Public Employee Plan members. Aetna has just announced that the University of Washington provider groups and hospitals will no longer be Aetna providers in 2010. Watch your mailbox for letters from Aetna and take advantage of this open enrollment season to make any changes warranted by this news.