Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Students help with memorial for Deputy Mundell

Once again, culinary arts students and instructor Roger Knapp lent their services Tuesday, Jan. 5 to help with the memorial for fallen Deputy Kent Mundell. Students served food to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department employees and honor guard volunteers from around the area who participated in the memorial service.

During the holiday break, second year culinary arts students Michael Benthian, Andrew Croutch and James Ward contacted Chef Knapp to ask if they could help with this memorial service.

Also during the break, Edie Jeffers, director of communications and marketing, made contact with the Pierce County's Emergency Operations Center to offer the students' help for this second police memorial service in one month's time. Community volunteers working on the memorial service secured food donations from Costco and other vendors. On Sunday, Chef Knapp and a group of volunteers, including his daughter Kajsa, and Edie and her daughter Alison, visited Costco to purchase the food and transport it to South Campus.

All 40 culinary arts students from both campuses assisted in preparing food on Monday and set up and served food at today's memorial.
"All [of my students] are enthusiastic about helping out," says Roger.

Truck driving instructors Wade Westphal and Louie French also graciously agreed to help transport students and the donated food to the service.

Pictured above: Chef Knapp and his daughter Kajsa; Pictured right: Alison Jeffers and Kajsa

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