Friday, May 28, 2010

Bookstores will close for inventory June 21-25

Faculty, please share with your students.

Both Downtown and South Campus bookstores will close June 21-25 to take inventory and update the Point of Sale system.

Please direct questions to Spiro Manthou, x7150.

Library Corner

The Library's Recommended Websites can help make it easier to navigate the Internet. Bates librarians Jennie Vano and Sue Schub review these websites to ensure that they are reliable, safe and helpful for Bates students and employees. This month, the library will highlight a small selection of web sites on a wide array of topics—from A to Z.


Biotechnology: Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE)

Copyright: Copyright Slider

Dictionaries: Wordnik

Student Outreach and Recruitment

Interested in promoting your program at one of these events? Call Billie Jo Wood, x7213.

Tuesday, June 1
Tour, South Campus, 3 p.m.

A special thank you from the Outreach & Recruitment office.
This year, we served more than 350 students as part of the Educational Shadow program funded through WorkForce Central. Outreach would like to extend a thank you to each of the instructors, listed below, for participating and representing their program and the college professionally.

Culinary Arts chefs Roger Knapp and Michael Clark and their students graciously served each one of these students and their advisors delicious meals. Bob Traufler, career specialist, stepped in a few times to help out when coverage was needed, and it was much appreciated.

Thank you to each of the participating instructors for helping make these types of events successful.

Art Cutting
Bill Byrn
Bob Ackein
Bob Storrar
Brenda Alton
Brian Magnussen
Brian Parker
Chef Michael Clark
Chief Jim Anderson
Chief Pat Piper
Chris Buselmeier
Chuck Graydon
Dale Trombley
Dan Achman
David Kile
David Skeen
Diane Goracke
Doug Yarbrough
EJ Fancett
Emmett Peterson
Flossie Hollie
Gene Gablehouse
Ingrid Smith
Jackie Haynes
Jeff Llapitan
Jeff Olson
John Davis
John Irish
Judy Graham
Karen Scott
Karin Kelley
Kathy Brock
Keith Hawkins
Kristina Merriman
Laura Robertson
Laurie O'Neill
Mark Peila
Mick McGuire
Mike Kinney
Mike Scott
Patty Reno
Rich Lang
Rick Huston
Robert Holmes, Jr.
Roger Knapp
Roland Robinson
Ron Greenman
Ryliss Bod
Sharon Netter
Stan Reed
Steve Dziedziak
Steve MacKay
Susan Winter
Teri Amundsen
Terry Shaffer
Willie Kelley

Comments from students about their Educational Shadow experience:
"I liked the hands on learning, the way the teachers taught, I enjoyed seeing all of the different components on the motors, I loved how they do things in the classrooms, and the shops, I really enjoyed this visit here and definitely would like to come back."

"I like all of it. It was well organized... I like the people they were so nice."

"The experience was helpful and it showed me options of things to do after high school."

"I liked getting to talk to the students because they seemed so passionate about what they were doing. I liked getting to do interacting activities. I liked getting to eat lunch with Culinary Arts and hearing the speech at the end."

"I liked how you got the chance to get a glimpse of actual classroom time and how you get to study and the materials you use to do so."

"I liked how hands-on everything was...I really enjoyed the atmosphere."

What's happening at Bates the week of June 1

Tuesday, June 1
General Info Session, 3 p.m., SC A100

Wednesday, June 2
Preschool Board Training, 8:30 a.m., SC Auditorium
Fire Service Info Session, 3 p.m., SC, A100

Thursday, June 3
ATCS Advisory Committee Meeting, 7:30 a.m., DT Clyde Hupp
Preschool Treasurers Workshop, 9 a.m., SC Auditorium

Thursday, June 3
SBCTC Meeting, 8 a.m., DT Auditorium
Officer Workshop “Membership”, 9:30 a.m., SC Auditorium
I-Best Info Session, 2 p.m., SC, A100
Truck Driving Info Session, 3 p.m., SC A100

Friday, June 4
Ivoclar Course, 8 a.m., DT Clyde Hupp
PCCCC Governor Board Meeting, 11 a.m., SC Auditorium

Saturday, June 5
First Aid/CPR Class, 8:30 a.m., SC Auditorium