Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rainbow Brite: Alum's colorful home featured on MTV

Artist Apryl Miller sits atop
a hand-crafted stool.
Step into this chic Manhattan flat with a 360 degree view of New York City, and you'll find yourself in an exciting universe bursting with bright rainbow hues created, designed and decorated by Fashion Construction & Design alumna Apryl Miller. From a capacious bathroom with more than 8,000 hand-cut tiles to a foyer splattered Jackson Pollock-style to a tub decorated in 15 patterns of Italian glass, this apartment screams pizazz.

And of course, this home has not gone unnoticed. MTV recently featured the apartment on a segment of Teen Cribs.

In the clip below, daughters Dylan and Lyris introduce the world to their vibrant pad:


Vote for college mascot logo

Last spring, the student body voted to create a mascot for the college, and Bates Bobcats was born. Since then, students launched a logo contest and submitted a handful of logos. Digital Media student Jason Wild digitized, combined and created eight image-ready logos from the originals. Now is your chance to vote for your favorite bobcat design. Click here to see logo variations. Voting is open until the end of day on Friday, Feb. 18.

• Choose your first and second favorite logo (by number). Click on Vote Here to email your favorite choices.
• One vote per person and only votes sent via email will count.
• Votes will be accepted from the entire college community.
• Respond with your first and second choice—by number and in the order of preference.
• Voting is open until end of day, Feb. 18.

Please take a moment to vote for Bates' Bobcat mascot logo.

Click here to check out the designs, and click here to send your top two choices via email to the Associated Student Government.

3-D Design Art class showcases marionnette puppets

Need a break? Check out a puppet show featuring delicate marionnette puppets crafted with socks, real hair and papier-mâché by students in Claudia Greenamyer's 3-D Design Art TODAY at the Downtown Campus Auditorium, from 2-3 p.m. The puppet show is written and performed by the students, and they look forward to hearing feedback from instructors, students and staff.

Amira Sealey decorates Patches the Ferret.

Maranda Hunter constructs Angus the Farmer.

Natalia Martinez shows off puppet Annie Mae.

Natasha Packer holds JoJo the Monkey.