Thursday, November 3, 2011

What's happening on campus this month?

Tuesday, Nov. 8
6 p.m., Genealogical Society, SC & DT Auditorium

Wednesday, Nov. 9
8:30 a.m., Health Care Provider, SC A209
3 p.m., Classroom on the World, DT Clyde Hupp
3:15 p.m., Strategic Planning Meeting, MC Conf Room
4:30 p.m., FCCAPC, SC A318

Thursday, Nov. 10
7 a.m., PCCC Legislative Breakfast, SC Auditorium
8:30 a.m., President’s Meeting, SC Multi Media Room
9:30 a.m., KBTC Managers Meeting, MC Conf Room
11 a.m., Veterans Day Celebration, DT Auditorium

Friday, Nov. 11
College closed in observance of Veterans Day.

Monday, Nov. 14-16
8 a.m., Kenneth D. King Fashion Construction workshop, SC Auditorium

Tuesday, Nov. 15
9:30 a.m., Leadership Team Meeting, DT Auditorium
10:30 a.m., High School Orientation, SC A209
1 p.m., General Info Session, SC A209
4:30 p.m., Forklift, SC Multimedia Room

Wednesday, Nov. 16
11:15 a.m., ASG General Assembly meeting, DT Auditorium
11:30 a.m., Clean Air public meeting, DT Auditorium
11:30 a.m., KBTC Assn. Board Meeting, MC Conf. Room
1 p.m., Fire Service Orientation, SC A209
5 p.m., Boiler Written Exam, SC Multimedia Room

Thursday, Nov. 17
9:30 a.m., KBTC Managers Meeting, MC Conf Room
1 p.m., Truck Driving Orientation, SC A209

Friday, Nov. 18
8:30 a.m., SBCTC-GED Examiner Meeting, SC Auditorium
1 p.m., Recognition event, DT Clyde Hupp

Saturday, Nov. 19
7:30 a.m., NICET Testing, SC A318
8 a.m., Flagger, SC Multimedia Room
8:30 a.m., SEIU, SC A317
8:30 a.m., First Aid/CPR, SC Auditorium

Monday, Nov. 21
2 p.m., Special Board Meeting, DT Clyde Hupp

Tuesday, Nov. 22
9 a.m., New Student Orientation, DT Auditorium

Tuesday, Nov. 29
3 p.m., Board of Trustees Meeting, DT Clyde Hupp
6 p.m., Auto Parts CTI Technical Institute, SC Multi Media Room

Wednesday, Nov. 30
11:30 a.m., Clean Air taskforce, DT Auditorium