Thursday, July 19, 2012

Library Corner: End-of-year roundup

South Campus library,
bathed in light.

End of year reminder from the library:
It's that time of year again! With the last day of the quarter coming up next week, please remember to return all materials and equipment that you  borrowed from the library. No items will have a due date later than noon on Thursday, July 26, since that is when the library closes for the summer.

If you miss us, please drop your items in the book return boxes, located outside the entrances to each library.

If you miss us and need to talk to speak with us, please call us at 253.680.7220 (Downtown Campus) or 253.680.7550 (South Campus), or you can email us. Staff will still be working at various times throughout August, but the library just won’t have open drop-in hours.

Keep in touch (K.I.T.)!
The end of the school year has us feeling nostalgic. Remember signing yearbooks on the last day of school?  

Help us regain that feeling and share a memory of the library from the last year on our Facebook page

Tell us to "Have a wonderful summer!", or "K.I.T," or whatever your go-to yearbook phrase was (well…within reason…don’t tell us your go-to phrase if it was something that makes your now-professional self cringe).

The library wants you to Keep In Touch!

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