Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Student Story: A Civil Action

Legal Assistant graduate
Aeriele Johnson
Aeriele Johnson, Legal Assistant
A Civil Action

Aeriele Johnson was busy during her final year at Bates. From serving as treasurer on the Associated Student Government (ASG), where she made budget presentations to the Board of Trustees, to participating in the annual Legislative Cookie Day and the Students of Color Conference, Aeriele said she’s learned to be a leader.

The Legal Assistant graduate also learned that her heart belongs to the legal field. Aeriele just concluded a five-month internship in the civil division of the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office.

“It would be my dream to work at the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office,” she said. “I learned so much during my internship, and it impressed upon me that this is where I want to be. The job is complex, so the fact that I did it makes me feel like I can do anything,” said Aeriele.

It’s an incredible accomplishment to have had an internship for that length of time in the prosecutor’s office, she noted.

“Anyone can say they have [legal assistant] experience, but to be able to say that my experience was at the prosecutor’s office is a big deal. Because of that internship, my resume’ just got longer with the skills and knowledge,” she said.

The Foss High School graduate enrolled in Bates because of her mother’s encouragement. “My mother attended Bates, and she’s the reason I came here. I love that the emphasis is hands-on learning,” she said.

If it wasn’t for Bates, Aeriele said she wouldn’t be doing anything significant. “My instructor and the staff helped me grow, earn my degree. My instructor was the reason I got my internship.”

Aeriele sat for her Accredited Legal Secretary exam in December, and spends her free time searching for her dream job at the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office.

Commencement student speaker nominations now open

Electrical Construction graduate
Jim Androy gives a speech at
Commencement 2009. An interpreter
is in the foreground, and our
Board of Trustees are seated.
Attention instructors:
Commencement is our students’ time to shine, and we are sure you will agree that some of our best moments have come from our student speakers.  
This is where you come in.

We need you to nominate students for the honor of delivering the student speech at Commencement. 

Nominees need to:
  • Have graduated this school year or will graduate no later than the end of summer quarter 2012
  • Be a positive representative of Bates and our student body
  • Be able to schedule adequate time to work with Alan Tiger, human relations instructor, to write, practice, and refine their speech, if chosen 
Desirable qualities:
  • High achiever in both program completion and academic studies
  • Involved in extracurricular/volunteer activities
  • A clear career plan after completing their Bates educational program
Accepted nominees will receive a letter detailing the expectations for the audition which includes delivering a 2-3 minute speech to the selection committee. Auditions and the selection of the student speaker will occur in March.

Please be aware that we are only selecting one student to speak at commencement.

Nominations are due by noon on Monday, March 5, 2012. Please submit them via email to Sharri Huey.

Spring quarter scholarship winners announced

The Bates Foundation is pleased to announce that 24 students will receive $13,750 in scholarships for spring quarter.

Students should contact the foundation office at 253.680.7160 or to accept their scholarship.

Congratulations to the following students:

Associated Student Government (ASG) Scholarship - $500
• Margaret Belanger, Occupational Therapy Assistant
• Bethany Dixon, Occupational Therapy Assistant
• Cheryll Halbert-Kimbel, Occupational Therapy Assistant
• Todd Helenskey, Wireless Voice & Data Communications
• Arizona Orr, Legal Assistant
• Joyce Ruzanka, Occupational Therapy Assistant
• Carin Seaburg, Administrative Office Assistant
• Jacquelynn Shaarup, Occupational Therapy Assistant
• Rylee Waltos, Administrative Medical Assistant

Associated Student Government (ASG) Child Care Scholarship – up to $500
• Margaret Belanger, Occupational Therapy Assistant
• Bethany Dixon, Occupational Therapy Assistant
• Jessica Hanson, Dental Lab Technician

Brownie Braunsteiner Veterans Scholarship - $750
• John Lonigro, Wireless Voice & Data Communications

Bruce Brennan Memorial Scholarship - $500
• Jade Herring, Practical Nurse

Chief’s Company Scholarship - $500
• Chris Vavrinec, Fire Service

Coit and Leona Everson Endowed Scholarship - $500
• Jason Williams, Welding

Sally Cofchin HOPE Endowed Scholarship - $500
• Jasmine Davis, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Culinary Arts Promotion Association Scholarship - $500
• Ben McLean, Culinary Arts

IT Scholarship - $1,000
• Dayna Willingham, Legal Assistant

Henry Schatz Endowed Fund Scholarship - $500
• Shawn Porter, Welding

The Sharing Foundation Scholarship –$1,000
• Joel Austin, Machinist

Trustee Endowed Scholarship - $500
• Cherlyn Fisher, Administrative Office Assistant

Michael Winebold Scholarship - $1,000
• Chris Vavrinec, Fire Service

Zach Stewart Endowed Scholarship - $1,250
• Larry White, HVAC/R

Scholarship Breakfast

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