Monday, March 26, 2012

Dental Assisting students participate in Children's Dental Health Day

More than 200 kids received much-needed dental health care last month at Children's Dental Health Day at the South Hill Mall.

Students in the Dental Assisting class helped dentists provide free dental screenings, dental treatment and fluoride varnishes. The students also spoke to kids about the importance of oral hygiene, and painted children's faces. One good sport even wore a tooth costume, said instructor Patty Reno.

"I am really glad I was a part of Children's Dental Health Day and had an opportunity to collaborate with others to educate the kids about oral hygiene," said student Kayla Hansen. "The kids were so excited and interested to learn about their teeth, that no child looked scared to have the dentists and assistants look in their mouths."

The Pierce County Dental Association, Pierce College Dental Hygiene Program and many other organizations helped coordinate this annual event.

Student eNews

The Associated Student Government sends this weekly eNewsletter to the student email address list.

Sent on behalf of the Bates Foundation
The Bates Foundation will award up to 20 scholarships totaling $10,750 for summer quarter 2012. To apply for a scholarship, visit our online application at

The scholarship application deadline is Friday, April 13. The foundation will offer a scholarship workshop to help students learn about the application process and how to fill out the online application. Contact LeAnn Dreier at x7160 with questions.

Scholarship Workshop
Wednesday, March 28 | 11:30 a.m.
South Campus | Multimedia Room (Room E101A)

Diversity/ASG and College Information

Spring Break April 2-6
Next week, April 2 – 6, is Spring Break and students have a one-week break from school.  

Classes are back in session on Monday, April 9.  

Have a great—and safe—spring break! 

Civics Week Event on Campus – Thursday, April 12
To acknowledge College Civics Week, the ASG is hosting a late morning Civics Week event Thursday, April 12 from 10:30 to 11:30am in the downtown campus auditorium.  

Secretary of State Sam Reed is featured guest speaker, and voter registration and information will be available. The Civics Week event lunch, half sandwich, chips and a soda, is FREE for students participating in a Civics Quiz, and $2 for staff and general public. 

Bates Family Skate Day! Sunday, April 22
A Sunday special for Bates students and their family at Rollin’ 253 Skate and Community Center (201 Mildred St, Fircrest). Entry fee is only a $1 per person, and skate rental $3  per person. Enjoy an afternoon of skating and fun! It’s as easy as saying: I’m a Bates student! For more information about Rollin’ 253, please call 253-292-1498 or go to

You are invited to BATES' OPEN HOUSE April 19
University representatives with college transfer information will be on hand for Bates students. FREE transportation for downtown students who want to attend the April 19 Open House at South Campus.  

Lunch special: Hot dogs, chips and soda for just $1.50. For more information contact Patricia Chase, Outreach & Recruitment Coordinator.

2011-2012 Spring Quarter Dates
April 9             Last day to drop a class and have a “W” appear on your transcript
May 11            Last day of the quarter

2011-2012 Summer Quarter Dates
April 17           Start registration for continuing students
April 24           Start registration for waitlisted students
May 1              Open registration
May 1              Summer tuition due
May 15            Summer classes start
May 17            Last day to add class without instructor permission
May 21            Last day to drop a class and receive an 80% refund
May 29            Last day to drop a class and receive a 40% refund
May 29            Last day to add class with instructor permission
May 29            Last day to drop a class and not have it appear on your transcript
June 28            Last day to drop a class and have a “W” appear on your transcript
July 26             Last day of the quarter

Jobs Act grant brings Bates into 21st century

The Department of Commerce, with input from Bates staff, wrote this article to educate legislators about the success of the Jobs Act grant.

The Stars Lined Up
For years, Bates wanted to enhance their three campus learning environment and infrastructure, but couldn't. Their limited state funds were always used for failing and non-serviceable equipment, operations and maintenance. There was no money left to perform any other improvements. And then the stars lined up.

Bates heard about the Jobs Act grant program at a Washington state community and technical college’s Operations and Facility Council meeting. Bates’ first step was to select an energy services company and have all three campuses audited. Together, they looked at all utility services–electricity, gas, water, sewer, and waste through many lenses. They wanted to learn what changes would make the most improvements in their learning environment and produce the most efficiency at the best price. When the audit was complete, Bates had more than 100 measures to review and select from.

“We had a big matrix,” said Marty Mattes, director of facilities and operations. “Lighting and plumbing were the top two projects.”

Bates' interior and exterior lighting was a mixture of incandescent bulbs, metal halide and mercury vapor fixtures, and old fluorescent lamps and magnetic ballasts. “The old lighting had a yellow color and made everything appear really dreary and dull. It wasn’t a welcoming feeling,” said Mattes.

With the cost sharing from the Washington State Department of Commerce Jobs Act grant, utility incentives from Tacoma Power and the college, the old lighting was completely replaced with new energy efficient fluorescent lamps and electronic ballasts.

“No light bulb was left untouched,” said Mattes. The new lighting made a huge change in the classroom learning environment. The brighter lights produced a better contrast on the work surface. And the maintenance staff no longer receives complaints about flickering lights, said Mattes.

In the South Campus parking lot, Bates installed two solar pole fixtures. This off-grid solar system will produce enough electricity to light the parking lot lights for four to nine days, from just one day of sunlight. Bates chose to install the solar poles at the South Campus because their electrical construction program resides there. Future electricians will learn how to wire solar systems.

Like the lighting, Bates’ plumbing needed help. The plumbing, toilets, urinals, and water faucets were all out of date. “We had faucets coming apart, toilets falling off the walls, and water leaking,” said Mattes.

Now, the college has new low-flow toilets, urinals and flushometers. The low-flow toilets use less than one-half the water the old toilets did, and the new urinals use one pint instead of 1.5 gallons. Also, all sinks now have faucets with low-flow aerators. “We estimate that we will save 3 ½ million gallons annually,” said Mattes. “And that’s a low estimate because it doesn’t include the fixed leaks.”

Bates is well on its way to improving its learning environment and infrastructure. “If your infrastructure isn’t good, you can’t create a good learning environment,” said Bates' President Lyle Quasim.  “When the Jobs Act came along, we were able to add value to the college. Without the Jobs Act funds we received, we wouldn’t have had the upfront money to do these projects.”

The new lighting and plumbing are expected to save $112,920 annually. The electricity savings alone are enough to serve all electrical needs for 150 homes annually, said Mattes. “And that’s huge.”

Bates plans to use these savings to continue to improve its infrastructure. “We have lots of buildings that need to be brought into the 21st century,” said Mattes.


Old clunker trucks traded for newer, efficient trucks

Diesel students prepare the new trucks for use in the
Truck Driving program.
Two old, diesel-fueled trucks used in the college's Commercial Truck Driving-Entry Level program have been scrapped.

The '89 and '92 trucks were traded in to the Tacoma Truck Scrappage and Replacements for Air in Puget Sound (ScRAPS) program for two cleaner-running, more fuel-efficient 2008 trucks, equipped with recording GPS to help instructors and students find efficient routes to their destinations. ScRAPS program managers are able to access the recording GPS for the next three years to perform traffic studies as part of the overall program.

"This program is a great way to take older, higher polluting trucks off of our roadways," said Executive Dean of Instruction Wayne Caldwell. "The college will realize significant savings in reduced fuel consumption and maintenance costs," he said.

A group of students in Boat Building and Diesel programs recently completed work on the interior cabs of the trucks to transform them into mobile classrooms, including removing the sleeping bunks and cabinets and installing new floors and seating for students.

Similar to the federal Cash for Clunkers initiative, the ScRAPS program offers a cash incentive to take old, environmentally-damaging trucks off our roads. The Tacoma program offers up to $30,000 for scrapping an old truck, depending on the size and year of the replacement truck, installation of a GPS, and an exhaust retrofit for pre-2007 trucks.

The program is funded by the federal government and the state Department of Ecology, and sponsored by the City of Tacoma, the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency and the Port of Tacoma.

Former campus public safety officer passes away

Saye poses in uniform in this
undated photo from the
Facebook memorial page.
The college community learned last week that former campus public safety officer, Saye Kinnay, passed away in his hometown of Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa on March 9.

College staff remember his bright smile and fun-loving personality. He was proud of his family, and enjoyed working at Bates from August 2005 to September 2011.

You can visit the memorial Facebook page to offer condolences to his family and friends.

Outreach and Recruitment events

If you'd like to participate in these events, please contact Patricia Chase.

Puyallup HS Future Fair
Bates Open House
Proyecto Mole
Hazen College fair
The Tacoma Scholars Conference
Foss High School Career Shadow
Clover Park HS career Shadow
SAMI/SOTA Family Post-high Planning Night
15th annual brain series (Bates)
Kitsap detention center