Friday, March 30, 2012

Closures during Spring Break

Next week is Spring Break and there are no classes. Below is a schedule of campus service closures next week.

Services that are CLOSED April 2-5
  • Bookstores
  • Library
  • Child Care Center
  • Cafeteria
  • All student-run services, i.e. barber, auto shop, etc.

Facilities and Operations Staff
  • Construction workers will be at the Downtown Campus during the day over Spring Break.
The entire college is closed on Friday, April 6.

Have a wonderful Spring Break!

Third floor construction photos

Next week is Spring Break, and the college will be relatively quite with no students or faculty. The construction crew working on the third floor of the Downtown Campus will take advantage of the relative quite, and they will completely seal off the third floor wing and begin the intensive work of asbestos abatement.

That section of the Downtown Campus will be transformed into an ELS Language Center, which is expected to open fall 2012. (Read more here.)

Today, we were able to snap a few photos before the construction begins its work next week.



Most recently, this space housed the classrooms,
the Veterans Center, and the EOC.

The former space of Audio/Sound Technology before
they moved to Mohler Campus.

Looking toward the main entrance to what used to house
the Veterans Center and the EOC.

This space was once a set for KBTC, a temporary space for
the Registration Office, and most recently, an academic

The chute for the construction crew.