Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bates Foundation announces summer quarter scholarship recipients.

The Bates Foundation is pleased to announce that 17 students will receive $9,250 in scholarships for summer quarter. Students should contact the foundation office at 253.680.7160 or to accept their scholarship.

Congratulations to the following students:

Associated Student Government (ASG) Scholarship - $500
·         Margaret Belanger, Occupational Therapy Assistant
·         Jasmine Davis, Occupational Therapy Assistant
·         Michael Eby, IT Specialist
·         Kelly Ecklund, Occupational Therapy Assistant
·         Marilyn Gill, Occupational Therapy Assistant
·         Rosemary Hurlburt-Bachman, Culinary Arts
·         Rhaquel Hughey, Occupational Therapy Assistant
·         Rocky Hills, Automotive Mechanic
·         Taneria Moore, Marketing & Business Management
·         George Schmidt, Electrical Power & Process Automation

Associated Student Government (ASG) Child Care Scholarship - $500
·         Makara Lay, Barber
·         Bethany Dixon, Occupational Therapy Assistant
·         Marie Angel, Administrative Office Assistant

Guy & Nancy Hamilton Scholarship - $500
·         Jason Oakes, Sheet Metal

Barbara Higham Scholarship - $500
·         Carin Seaburg, Administrative Office Assistant

IAM-751 McGinnis Family Endowed Scholarship - $500
·         Brent Faust, Machinist

Zach Stewart Endowed Scholarship - $1,250
·         Jason Foraker, Electrical Engineering Technician