Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kittens born at South Campus need homes!

Campus Public Safety Officer Jeri Jacobsen reports a stray cat has given birth to a litter of at least four kittens in a South Campus dumpster a few weeks ago.

It appears there are two Siamese cats with blue eyes, one tuxedo kitten and one grey kitten, and the mom, who is a tuxedo cat.

If you're interested in giving any of these kittens or the mom cat a good home, please contact Jeri at 253.377.3805. You can also stop by the South Campus Public Safety office to visit with the cats.

"The kittens are eating real food and look very healthy," reports Vickie Lackman, vice president of human resources.

If you're interested in taking home a cat or two, please contact Jeri Jacobsen at 253.377.3805.