Thursday, July 19, 2012

Website Fun Tip: Where can I get logos and letterhead?

This screen capture details the
logos you can download
from the webpage.
Since the launch of our updated, 21st century website last March, your trusted Communications and Marketing Department has been tinkering, adding, modifying and making improvements almost on a daily basis, many of them based on user feedback 

This week, the Communications and Marketing Department added a variety of logos and letterhead, both in color and black and white, that you can download directly from the department's webpage.

To access these new goodies, follow these simple steps: from our homepage,, just click on 'Offices and Services', then click on 'Communications and Marketing.' Or, you can just type into your browser's address bar. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you will see the directions on how to download the logos and letterhead. 

Remember, if you have an old version of the Bates logo, like the tri-colored logo, the swoosh-across-the-page logo, or the snazzy one with blue boxes around it, please do not use it. If you aren't sure if the logo you have is still valid, just let us know and we'll be happy to help.

KBTC's 50th Birthday Bash: Wine and Frames

KBTC invites you to an evening filled with art, great wine, food, fun, and a celebration of 50 years of public television in Western Washington!

The black tie gala on Saturday, Sept. 29 at the Greater Tacoma Convention and Trade Center features speakers Mark L. Walberg, host of Antiques Roadshow and Paula Kerger, president and CEO of PBS

You will also be treated to the music of renowned local band, The Beatniks! (Learn more about The Beatniks here.)

Tickets are $100 each and include dinner, wine, entertainment from the speakers, live music with The Beatniks, and a silent and live auction! 

Library Corner: End-of-year roundup

South Campus library,
bathed in light.

End of year reminder from the library:
It's that time of year again! With the last day of the quarter coming up next week, please remember to return all materials and equipment that you  borrowed from the library. No items will have a due date later than noon on Thursday, July 26, since that is when the library closes for the summer.

If you miss us, please drop your items in the book return boxes, located outside the entrances to each library.

If you miss us and need to talk to speak with us, please call us at 253.680.7220 (Downtown Campus) or 253.680.7550 (South Campus), or you can email us. Staff will still be working at various times throughout August, but the library just won’t have open drop-in hours.

Keep in touch (K.I.T.)!
The end of the school year has us feeling nostalgic. Remember signing yearbooks on the last day of school?  

Help us regain that feeling and share a memory of the library from the last year on our Facebook page

Tell us to "Have a wonderful summer!", or "K.I.T," or whatever your go-to yearbook phrase was (well…within reason…don’t tell us your go-to phrase if it was something that makes your now-professional self cringe).

The library wants you to Keep In Touch!

Student eNews: July 16-20

Student eNews is an ASG/Diversity Center-compiled e-newsletter that is emailed to the student email list. For questions, please contact Kat Flores, ASG/Diversity Coordinator, 253.680.7178.

End of Year reminder from your library
The end is drawing near! Please remember to return all materials and equipment that you may have borrowed from the library. No items will have a due date later than noon on 7/26/12 since that is when the library closes for the summer.

If you miss us, please drop your items in the book return boxes which can be found right outside the entrances to each library. If you miss us and need to talk to us about it, please call (DT: x7220, SC: x7550) or email us. Staff will still be working on and off throughout August, the library just won’t have open drop-in hours.

Looking for Student Volunteers!! 
Bates Enrollment Fair
Bates is hosting an Enrollment Fair on Friday, July 20th at the downtown campus.  The college is looking for volunteers to help on the day of the event.  Contact Kat in the Diversity Center for more information.

Ethnic Fest Volunteers
The Diversity Center is looking for adventurous individuals who want to immerse themselves in other cultures.  If this is you, then you’ll want to help staff the Bates Booth during Ethnic Fest, July 28-29!  Volunteer shifts at the booth are in two hour blocks; after that you are free to explore Tacoma’s largest multicultural festival.  Please contact LeMont or Kat to sign up!

Diversity and Student Government 
ASG Executive Team for 2012-2013
Congratulations to the newly elected and appointed ASG Officers for 2012-13!

  • Chris Hansen, ASG President, Bio Med Equipment Tech 
  • Nicholas Hale, Vice-President-Downtown, Bio Med Equipment Tech 
  • Paola Garcia, Vice-President-South, Welding
  • Milan Roberts, Vice-President-Mohler, Broadcast Production
  • Katie Wilkinson, Secretary, BMET
  • George Hill, Treasurer, BMET
  • Dersely Rowe, Senator-Downtown, BMET
  • Andrey Deshkin, Senator-Mohler, BVAP
  • Alejandro Gonzalez, Senator-South, Carpentry
  • Larry Anderson, Senator At Large-Downtown, Gen Ed
  • Jason Latimer, Senator At Large-South, FME
  • Elisha Phillips, Event Coordinator, AOA
  • Sean Caraan, Event Coordinator, MBM
  • Elke Schwartz, Club Coordinator, ITS
  • Hollie Swanson, Club Coordinator, FME

For more information about the Associated Student Government, please contact Kat or LeMont.

Tutoring Center News 
If you are looking for help with studying don't wait until the last minute. Stop in (E302), call (680.7259), or email the Tutoring Center to get connected to a tutor. Also, if you have rented a calculator or text book from us, the last day to return those is Friday morning, July 20th.

Hours for the remainder of the quarter:
Main Campus, week of 16-20: M/T, 7:30-3:30 (walk-in 10-12); W/Th, 8-2 (walk-in 10-12); Friday, 8-12 (no walk-in/last day to return books/calculators).
South Campus, week of 16-20: TBD.
No scheduled hours for the week of July 23-27.

KBTC-TV is looking for talented musicians
KBTC public television, a service of Bates Technical College, seeks quotes from individuals, acting as an independent contractor, to write and perform original music to be used as the score for KBTC's 30-minute documentary about the 2012 Pacific West Quilt Show.

Under general supervision of KBTC local production management and the documentary producer(s):
1.Write original music for a 30-minute documentary
2. Perform, record and provide original music for a 30-minute documentary
3. Assign all rights and ownership of original music to KBTC public television.
4.Work and delivery deadlines will be required between August 20, 2012 and October 12, 2012.

The lowest quote will not necessarily decide the winning contractor. The winning contractor will have successfully demonstrated the following knowledge, experience and capabilities:

Ownership or sufficient access to all necessary equipment to perform, record and deliver original music/musical score.
Ownership or sufficient access to appropriate space(s) within which to perform, record and deliver original music/musical score.
Previous experience writing, performing and providing original music for professional programs, projects and clients. Appropriate depth of composition experience to meet the program needs.

Quotes must include:
Resume/list of previous professional work and clients.
A music CD or URL which demonstrates previous professional work.

Quote materials must be received by Tuesday, July 31, 2012. Send quotes to or to:
David Hinman, General Manager KBTC-TV
2320 S. 19th Street, Tacoma, WA 98405

Community Information – Transportation Survey
As most of you know, major reductions in public transportation services have occurred in Pierce County.  As a result of the current economic downturn Pierce Transit has been forced to make a 35% overall reduction in service in order to stay financially viable. Many of our friends, neighbors and clients have lost the ability to access employment, medical appointments, shopping, and the ability to meet their basic needs because of the loss of public transportation.

The Pierce County Coordinated Transportation Coalition (PCCTC) is working to develop some new ideas for community solutions to meet the transportation needs of older adults, individuals with disabilities and people with low incomes. Seeking solutions for these kinds of problems requires involvement from many; no one person or governmental agency can solve this problem.  We must come together and find a way to provide needed services in our community.

We need help from everyone to determine the transportation needs in our community. We are asking you to do two things:
1) Help us get as much response to the survey as possible.
a. Riders Survey: ;
b. Please respond by July 17th if possible; by October 15th at the latest
2) Attend the next PCCTC meetings at 9:30 am on Friday, July 13th and Friday, July 20th at  Pierce County Community Connections, 3602 Tacoma Ave, Tacoma- Conference Room A.

Thank you.  Marge Tully, Transportation Coordinator, Pierce County Community Connections:; (253) 798-7658.

2011-2012 Summer Quarter Dates
July 26, Last day of the quarter

2012-2013 Fall Quarter Dates
July 17, Start registration for waitlisted students
July 24, Open registration
August 23, Fall tuition due
September 6, Fall classes start
September 10, Last day to add class without instructor permission
September 10, Last day to drop a class and receive an 80% refund
September 19, Last day to add class with instructor permission
September 19, Last day to drop a class and not have it appear on your transcript
September 20, Last day to drop a class and receive a 40% refund
October 23, Last day to drop a class and have a “W” appear on your transcript
November 19, Last day of the quarter

Calling all artists! Local art cooperative seeks members

We are looking for you!                                                                                               
Are you a Washington state artist that would love to show and sell your work at a retail location? We have a number of openings at the 253 Collective artists cooperative. If you are interested in showing and selling your work to the local community, join the collective. For more information and to be considered as a 253 Collective member, contact us at

About the 253 Collective
253 Collective was founded in February 2009 by Tacoma visionary Linda Danforth and is a cooperative between local artists. The goal of the cooperative is to provide a retail location while keeping the cost to each artist as low as possible. Each artist pays a small  monthly membership payment and also has some duties to help with the operations and marketing. Under this model, the  artists make a small financial investment and a minimal amount of time in order to sell their work directly and free of commission. Often  having this small "brick & mortar" presence compliments the artists ventures in other retail locations, galleries, online sales, and public art commissions.
To be considered for membership please send five samples of your best artwork to The samples should represent the type of work you plan to sell at the gallery.
1901 South Jefferson, Suite 100, Tacoma WA 98402
(We are located in the Jet/Tioga building on the University of Washington Tacoma campus.)